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With millions of downloads and frequenting the top iTunes and Spotify podcast charts, Self-Helpless dives into all things self-help with comedians and Type A friends Kelsey Cook and Delanie Fischer (plus recurring guest Taylor Tomlinson). The show covers a variety of topics, everything from heartbreak and career pivots, to life hacks and anxiety, and the hosts are hilariously candid as the swap stories and tips with each other, as well as enjoy conversations with renowned health experts and celebrity guests.  

The mission of Self-Helpless is to provide laughter, comfort, and insight for anyone who needs a friend, some motivation to create positive shifts, and wants some hot tips along the way. 

The subscribers of Self-Helpless, or “Helpsters,” as they call themselves, are the heart of the show. Their recommendations are regularly incorporated into the episodes, and the girls are proud of the compassionate, inclusive community that has emerged. Self-Helpless also offers a membership via Patreon, where members get to influence the content of the show - they can pitch and vote on episode topics and submit their favorite quotes, recommendations, and shout outs that get featured on the podcast. You can get instant access to these rewards and support the production of Self-Helpless by becoming a patron at 


New episode every Monday!

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